Art in the Valley


Spring Studio Tour to Introduce Several Newcomers this Weekend

Now in its third year, the Art in the Valley Spring Studio Tour is opening doors for you THIS SATURDAY, June 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, June 8 from noon to 4 p.m. This time around, there are several new participants so chances are you will discover lots of novel work.

Watch for the bright red directional signs near each open house location as you saunter along the scenic St. John River from Perth-Andover to Hainesville. You’ll have opportunities to chat with the artists and visit three impressive galleries along the way. Most of the locally produced art and craft are for sale and you will also be able to see demonstrations and learn more about the techniques utilized by the artists.

Should you get weary, there are several spots to stop for refreshment along the way including the Celtic Fox Coffee House (Saturday only) in Grafton and Irene’s Place in Mount Pleasant.

Perth-Andover area
─ Coloring Canvas, Perth-Andover (Japheth MacKinney)
─ A Turn of the Future, Rowena (Randy Hatheway)
─ Francine Simard Levesque, Rowena

─ Visit the new studio space operated by the McCain Gallery at 8746 Main Street where artist Jody Coughlin and carver James Buxton will be showing their work
─ Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery* (Tom Forrestall, retrospective exhibition)

─ Goldfinch Studio (Roy Tibbits, watercolour)

Hartland area
─ Craig Gallery*, Hartland (Philip Harrington, pastels, graphite)
─ Hickory Lane Crafts, Ashland (Randi Brown, home decor)
─ Irene’s Place, Mount Pleasant (Irene Tompkins, pastels)

The O’TOOLE GALLERY, just across the bridge from Upper Woodstock, will be open both days to present the work of 21 artists and artisans.
─ See new acrylic or oil paintings from Karen Williams-Bradgen, Lloyd Fitzgerald, Donna Smallenberg and Jennie Weeks along with watercolour paintings from Suzan Carsley, Val Flewelling, Susanne Hansen, Jean Haywood and Ann Kittredge
─ Craft is well represented by Megan Billings (pottery), Ashley Brown (leather), Randi Brown (rustic home decor), Julie Clendenning (natural skin care products), Scott DeMerchant (wood carvings), Patty Belyea Goodine (jewellery), Kerry O’Toole (wood carver), Alice Sahagian (stained glass), Dale Slipp (wooden bowls), Renee Sullivan (knitted “Swippers”), Shawn Taylor (metal products) and Connie Wilkinson (jewellery)

─ Malerkosten Studio*, 113 St. James Street (Susanne Hansen, watercolour)

─ Hillcrest Studio (Lynn Billings, acrylics)
─ Megan Billings Pottery

* Note that the participants marked with an asterisk will be open Saturday but closed on Sunday.