Gathering of the Scots

Perth-Andover’s Gathering of the Scots Festival
June 1st – 5th, 2016
Celebrating 15 Glorious Years in 2016!!

There is an old Scottish toast . . . used to this day in the ancient hills of Kincardine and Kintore, NB near the Village of Perth-Andover. It not a complicated one, with line upon line of rousing verse, but rather only 6 simple words carefully composed and dutifully passed down through the ages – to pay tribute to those ancestors that left the Glens of Scotland so many years ago in search of better lives for themselves and family. With glasses raised, the message is simple but passionate: “To those that came before us”! This simple toast speaks volumes asking us to never forget the severe hardships and major accomplishments attained by this small group of Scottish settlers that immigrated to the wilderness of our Province so many years ago.

Visit website for all the schedule of Events for the Scots:

Gathering of the Scots (5)

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